International Student Admission

International Student Admission Requirements

  1. Original official copies of all educational transcripts (High School, College and, University level academic records)
  2. Certificate of English Proficiency, TOEFL between 55 – 60 and IELTS Score 5.5 minimum (if applicable)
    (Educational transcripts and diplomas must be prepared in English or include a complete and official English translation (if applicable))
  3. A photocopy of the student's passport to provide proof of birth date and citizenship (if the student is outside Canada and has not yet acquired a passport, they will need to submit a copy of their birth certificate)

All applicants are required to submit a portfolio for in-class programs only.

Please note that these are the requirements for admissions at LaSalle College Toronto School of Design. You will be required to provide further information for your Student Authorization Application including official bank statements to verify sufficient funds to cover the cost of the educational program and all living expenses.

Portfolio requirements for in-class programs

Option 1: Students without any sewing experience must provide a 500 word essay which includes:

  1. A personal resume
  2. Skills pertaining to the program 
  3. Designer influences
  4. Aspirations in the fashion industry