Patternmaking and Garment Construction Certificate
Fashion | PA1TO | Patternmaking and Garment Construction Certificate

The aim of this program is to develop an individual’s passion for fashion. To enhance basic sewing skills, learn patternmaking, and to create figure forms.

In this program, an individual will begin developing their skills as a pattern maker, learning how to manipulate style lines on the pattern all through conceptual designs, to create unique garments.

  • Sewing Techniques for Beginners

  • Introduction to Apparel Design

  • Applied Apparel Design

Introduction to Textile Studies

Using a the textbook and a kit, students will learn the properties of fibers, yarns, and fabric construction.

Introduction to Fashion Illustration

This course will focus on basic drawing techniques, anatomy of eyes, ears, lips, hands and feet and develop five master croquis with different poses. Develop a swimsuit collection with the five master croquis without colour in order to capture the movement and silhouette of the body.

Introduction to Sewing Techniques

  1. Machine familiarity and sewing techniques:
    • Industrial machines
    • Open or plain seam
    • French seam
    • Flat-fell seam
  2. Introduction to pattern making and design:
    • Learn to take correct measurements
  3. Fabric Embellishment
  4. Design techniques:
    • Pleats
    • Neckline finishes
    • Outside and inside pockets
    • Use of stretch fabrics and finishing techniques

Introduction to Apparel Design

Students learn basic design techniques by understanding patternmaking, cutting and sewing techniques as well as learning the commercial method of garment construction.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Pattern Making I
    • Create pattern using the flat method
    • Pattern development and adaptation
    • Design into different styles
  2. Lay Planning
    • Calculate the correct amount of material/fabric required for the garment
  3. Assembly
    • Garment construction
    • Fitting
    • Applying seam finishes

A more developed approach to patternmaking and design with the use of working sketches for the intended garment. Continuation of the techniques developed in Introduction to Apparel and Design with emphasis on industry production.

Topics include:

  1. Textile Fabric Studies
    • Create pattern using the flat method
    • Pattern development and adaptation
    • Design different styles
  2. Learn the different types of fabric and their main uses
  3. Pattern Making II
  4. Drafting bodice, dress and jacket blocks
    • Manipulate darts and line of symmetry
    • Effects of collars and sleeves