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How are you evaluated?

How are you evaluated?

There are three methods of evaluation in our e-Learning courses: formative evaluations, modular evaluations, and assignments and projects.

Formative evaluations are part of the self-guided learning component of your online studies. Answer questions, solve problems, and test your knowledge of important concepts. While these evaluations are not graded, they are essential for understanding the main concepts and ideas of the course and they will better prepare students to successfully complete their graded assignments.

Modular evaluations are another component of your self-guided learning. At the end of each section of your course (training module) you will complete a test. These evaluations are designed to summarize the key concepts and test your knowledge of the material that you’ve just reviewed.

The formative and modular evaluations culminate in your course assignments and projects, where you apply your knowledge and submit your work to course tutors. Tutors will evaluate your assignments and grade you on your understanding of the course material, key concepts, and execution of your project. For example, in our e-business course we would ask students to complete analyses of online business technologies and develop a Web marketing plan. In our event planning course students will be asked to develop their own employment proposals.